another new year

It’s a miniature snowflake filled dome but it keeps her home all year long. When loneliness knocks on my heart I pick it up gently shake her awake. Once again we walk along the river bank singing an unforgotten song. When frustration settles within my mind I merely reflect back to better times see those... Continue Reading →


assuming this is still 2022 the future is unforeseeable even the evergreens resist showering needles upon the landscape until 2023. nature is refusing to cooperate for a brief few days resembling a poet out of rhymes debating which words or dreams should be used quietly hoarded away or abandoned. so 2023 shall be unforeseeable like... Continue Reading →

A display

I admit, I skipped class for a piece of pumpkin pie. I admit, I went after mass for a sip of wine to escape time. I admit, I did waste parts of my youth especially waiting on a fairy to pay me for a tooth. I admit, I had imaginary friends some were real, some... Continue Reading →

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