did you hear

did you hear a caterpillar whisper soon I'll be a butterfly become awed listening to a croaking frog smile knowing nature greets you as a hawk screeches in the sky. did you hear a blade of grass sigh as you passed as you ventured along your chosen path. did you hear a barking dog chained... Continue Reading →

every step

every step reminds me of a time when love lived deep in my heart. in life after every step has been a blur pain does not exit chest but I give thanks for being blessed. every step leads me closer to a time you were mine.

Let me

Let me not be an ending but let me be a beginning. Let me shine bright as a diamond dancing upon a lake take me to a place where life awaits. Let me not take for granted a single breath a shared smile a touch as free as the wind. Let me find space to... Continue Reading →

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