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She comes down from Yellow MountainOn a dark, flat land she ridesOn a pony she named WildfireWith a whirlwind by her sideOn a cold Nebraska night Oh, they say she died one winterWhen there came a killing frostAnd the pony she named WildfireBusted down its stallIn a blizzard, he was lost She ran calling WildfireShe ran calling WildfireShe ran calling…

Where corn don’t grow

As we sat on the front porchOf that old grey house where I was born and raised.Staring at the dusty fieldsWhere my daddy worked hard everyday.I think it kinda hurt him when I said,“Daddy there’s a lot that I don’t know.But don’t you ever dream about a lifeWhere corn don’t grow?” He just sat there silentStaring at his favorite coffee…

My muse

This song by the great Bad Company band sums up what it’s like to be starstruck become weak in the knees knowing your muse has come to life and about to become your wife. So enjoy this love ballad and dedicate it to the one who makes your heart skip your breathing easy. Happy Sunday 🙂