Beneath layers of illusions

Beneath layers of illusions behind each mask breathes aggressively a human walking a determined path towards what is considered a life. Between cues and clues footprints in mud and sand a heart has left messages obvious to those who see through layers, masks. Thank you for choosing to do so..

With hopes

They gathered once more to play at the intersection of Harmony & Freeway to bring peace to those lost in search of love yet they could not believe how often it is conceived as loneliness to some degree but they played on slightly rusty but strong as steel with hopes others would feel loved.


’tis yet another Monday so welcome to the show plenty of words left over from the weekend so you’ll know by Tuesday what you missed or just after Wednesday night when the moon is bright so Thursday can be seen in a different light once you realize it’s Friday again. So, come on in where […]


There is not enough time to give to hold a hand in need but life is often unkind void of rewind… A heart without a voice speaks perchance without a choice with rhyme one more time…