did you hear

did you hear a caterpillar whisper soon I'll be a butterfly become awed listening to a croaking frog smile knowing nature greets you as a hawk screeches in the sky. did you hear a blade of grass sigh as you passed as you ventured along your chosen path. did you hear a barking dog chained... Continue Reading →

every step

every step reminds me of a time when love lived deep in my heart. in life after every step has been a blur pain does not exit chest but I give thanks for being blessed. every step leads me closer to a time you were mine.


We’ll meet inside the Sav-A-Lot exchange ideas of what should be prepared for dinner after a night of fake love. Between the sheets and laughter something might happen we’ll both regret in time but that shall be written later on once daylight finds us slapping reality around. As I recall, you asked my name when... Continue Reading →

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