just a Frog

I laughed out loud today no longer a prince just a frog but I believe I’m content at least I show signs of regaining my pad with sense for I sure as hell didn’t sink nor am I seeking to be kissed like a fairy tale ending you know the one blah,blah,blah. I admit I’m […]


Down in Mississippi after hours juke joint playing for drinks few dollars, cents. She came up close close enough to taste her mints on her puffy lips. I got back on stage plugged into Marshall grabbed the microphone told her a few things. I watched her eyes dance towards the floor I jumped down, began […]

Mr. Suave

’tis a tale about Mr.Suave he traveled around met many women on the wrong side of town. He told each one you have a gleam in your eyes that reminds him of her sighs. He had the gift of words could make hearts blush hearts skip beats cause he knew about lust. It dripped out […]

cut me open

use your imagination or understand no image required   cut me open stand back, laugh witness my tears fall to the ground slice me into pieces listen to each sound. grab a pen write about the shock and awe that came to you by surprise as you stare into my eyes. cut me open grab […]