Must have been

Must have been about third grade when I first believed I could massage Genie make her breathe. I imagined, often dreamed she could fulfill secrets and wishes hidden in a Maxwell House can still. Must have been about sixth grade or so I started singing like Elvis playing my Gene Autry guitar not truly understanding... Continue Reading →

Into your night

Each morning I awake refreshed from into your night where I smelt your scent feel my hands longing again to caress your skin knowing how blessed I am to have been that close in reality. In my heart by now you should surely know burns a desire to forever be into your night where passion... Continue Reading →

Johnnie Pane

Johnnie Pane some claim was insane he lived on the edge went drinking every night loved to start a fight then watch as hell exploded. Some girls liked his attitude ones with no brains he enjoyed being rude cause he had no clue as to how to treat them other than put them down inflict... Continue Reading →

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