cut me open

use your imagination or understand no image required   cut me open stand back, laugh witness my tears fall to the ground slice me into pieces listen to each sound. grab a pen write about the shock and awe that came to you by surprise as you stare into my eyes. cut me open grab... Continue Reading →

Watercolor comes to mind

Watercolor comes to mind each moment in time when walks between those aspen lined trees gave speech a reason to believe such beauty would last beyond resolutions made in the past. Murky waters come to mind each time scribbled thoughts of heartless love singes paper in rhymes. Imagination needs to be viewed in the raw... Continue Reading →


I cut out the booze but my symptoms persisted. I had panic attacks like in the movies where the music gets loud with each dramatic scene accompanied by voices whispering don’t you miss me a small reminder straight out of a love scene. Booze fueled my artistic seed slowly I died having lost that need... Continue Reading →

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