Tag: 2fer Tuesday

Land of confusion

I must’ve dreamed a thousand dreamsBeen haunted by a million screamsBut I can hear the marching feetThey’re moving into the streetNow did you read the news today?They say the danger’s gone awayBut I can see the fires still alightThey’re burning into the night There’s too many men, too many peopleMaking too many problemsAnd not much love to go ’roundCan’t you…

A conversation

Hank let’s talk about your daddy tell me how your mama loved that manWell just break out a bottle hoss I’ll tell you bout the driftin’ cowboy bandWe won’t talk about the habits just the music and the man Now Hank you just got to tell me did your daddy really write all them songs did heThat don’t deserve no…

Paint this day

Paint this day with hues of nature a trail to walk to gather thoughts so later ink can flow to paper and friends. Paint this day with reminders of how blessed life has been constantly give hope a chance and love. Paint this day with puffy clouds a mountain scene to remind a heart beauty exists once seen..