An escape

an escape

A shot of whiskey

takes me down to that place

where you waited

all night long to be

an escape

with angel lips.

You kissed me

conveyed a thousand words

my heart felt

even numb.

With whiskey making decisions

I watched you in morning light

become a cloud

to rest my head upon

an escape.



After a very long journey

from Tennessee

Fritz and Louise

settled in northern Colorado

in search of gold

but by the time they arrived

it was a bust.

Three months later in a saloon

Fritz got caught cheating

gambling in Leadville

got shot dead

leaving Louise alone.

She met a banker man

crooked as can be

seen an easy way to be

a wife but wild

picked up where Fritz left off


After two years of marriage

the banker man died

poison worked

cause she had her eyes on Clyde

a ruthless sort.

Clyde moved her to Wyoming

so he could rustle cattle

make a living the easy way

but as fate would play out

he got caught, hanged

leaving Louise

to once again make it on her own.

Wasn’t long afterwards she met


one-eyed train bandit

had a mean streak a mile long

but she loved his smile

married in Cheyenne.

As history goes Roy was shot dead

in the back trying to escape jail

leaving Louise to live

the rest of her life

in hell.

As told to me by my great grandmother

while smoking her pipe in her rocking chair

At Goodwill

at Goodwill

Come a day this poet shall

visit heaven or hell

but to those who visit

here on earth

you’ll read chiseled

here, a poet rests.

Don’t look back

thinking of good times

instead look ahead

to souls reuniting


Come a day this poet

shall cease to write

but you can find me

on a shelf

at Goodwill

half price.

Here, a poet rests

at Goodwill.

Slightly embossed at birth


I believe at birth

I was slightly embossed

to enhance my heart

to create smiles.

Of course I was born breathing


so others would see

more than greed


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