He pointed towards the Studebaker

smiled, lit a cigarette

begin to tell

about the times it got him home

sweet home

how it hauled lumber, firewood

got her to the hospital to deliver

their son.

He took a long thoughtful drag

bowed his head looking at the cigarette

stood there, blew smoke rings

gave thanks to the Lord

for so many blessings

with her by his side.

My uncle was a force to be reckoned with

that old Studebaker tough as him

now like him,fading, away

but I remember the strength, tender love

he gave with a hug.

Lord, you take care of him

he’s a Studebaker

give him a worthy rest with her.

Beautiful day

As I recall was a beautiful day

wind was calm

matching my heart

as I sat writing yet another part

of me.

My eyes witnessed beauty

my heart felt more

words became doves

peaceful in flight.

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