Though darkness arrives

Though darkness arrives within heart a light keeps spirits company protecting from fear whispers erase tears throughout night ’til morning arrives chases darkness away. Goodnight


’tis yet another Monday so welcome to the show plenty of words left over from the weekend so you’ll know by Tuesday what you missed or just after Wednesday night when the moon is bright so Thursday can be seen in a different light once you realize it’s Friday again. So, come on in where […]

outcries of why

I may never be able to pen hidden ghosts that haunt both night and day. Some emotions might not be visible using ink nor does anything exist to make it a must to bleed out loud. So many paths have been littered with written words tossed along with lonesome outcries of why. No, I may […]

and when the smoke cleared

and when the smoke cleared from brother vs brother it left a mother to grieve twice