An apple a day

Some say an apple a day

is just an old cliché

others think it’s okay.

On this Monday

pick the one you feel

not the one that sounds



Spinning round

Spinning round
in the sphere
adding verses
 while in light
holds me tight.
Astonished by hidden thoughts
by what I possess
never knowing capable of
expressing self
while deep inside my chest
of substance embraced
I catch my breath
partake with love.
a knock upon my heart
I envision a bridge
to be crossed
with carnations in hand
am I forever lost.

spinning round

1, 2, 3

1, 2, 3

repeat should you need

to sleep.

1, 2, 3





1, 2, 3


Do you want

or need?

Beauty can only be


when you want

not need!

Such is so many moments

in life

that pass by

lost between

want, need…


Moo oo oo

We met in the fields

those ones that contain

dreams and fears

promised to glow in the dark

whenever rivers of tears

began to drown hope

we placed in each other.

Perhaps foolishness prevented

full moons to shine in our eyes

perhaps our grip of hands

just wasn’t tight enough

to milk, make that cow scream

as we ran into different dreams

below moons and stars

knowing the distance is far.


To end this day

To end this day

I shall close my thoughts

dog ear my heart

until tomorrow, cherish

all that has come, surely passed

appreciate the gifts that truly last.


I shall suspend my soul

as I close my eyes

watch as the parade passes by

in my dreams

take notice of the eyes

of a stumbling clown

that with all might attempts

to disguise



I shall await the dawn

to kiss my brow

with warmth like a child

to begin yet

another day

in harmony with nature

singing of birds.

To end this day

I hope.




Even spellcheck finds

unworded is incorrect

so it comes as no surprise

some thoughts just won’t fit

on blank paper, yet.

Unworded are those feelings

lodged between heart, mind

when mouth can’t speak

or seem to reach that deep.

So on this frosty morn

mind deciphering heart thoughts

pen begins to unword.


Soft heart

Don’t be so foolish

with a soft heart

realize with your eyes

it’s real.

You want a prince

search Goodwill

plenty of books on shelves

about fairy tales.

Disney should be banned

from building heart’s to expect

such moments come true.

So foolish to believe

a soft heart won’t die

after winds disrupt everything


soft heart


wordless Wednesday-dl

daisy latte


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