This might last

this might last

Though nothing was settled last night

this might last among truthful words

but only the moon knows

the truth.

So with a hopeful smile

greeting the waking sun

sipping coffee

as words slip in and out of

heart and mind

the truth will conjure

later tonight

a spirit higher than

the moon.

To write a poem

to write a poem

Often in light, to write

a poem of darkness where

beauty grows, reminds

times of strive does indeed subside

and lessons of living die.


Needed light

needed light

Needed light magnified

with each stroke she offered

so light could reach him

as he clicked another photograph

a reminder that friendship is

enchanting between artists

who allow objects to become beauty

once again.


To land elsewhere

to land elsewhere

This instant, fleeting

waiting for it to disappear

take my being to land elsewhere.

To land elsewhere, breathe

like a new seed

fighting to break through

simply be.



Emptiness filled

speech silent

heart justified

armored by beauty

witnessed with a fever

of living



Like a tear running

like a tear running

She was a hippy-girl in a city

known for rain

that could not stop running

down her cheeks.

She could always count on

pricks of the past

to cause pain

keep her running like tears

down her cheeks.



Unveiled, untamed

sunrise offers new breath of

beauty that never rests.

Inside the armored chest

secrets are held

like mountains by fog

as each sip of life becomes

a thirst for more.

Breathe in, remain


What I tell myself

tell myself

Some mornings I remember

what I tell myself to do

in case of an emergency

because lingering between

a poem or a haiku

is you.

A small sign

a small sign

A small sign spring has arrived

offering time to notice beauty

to concentrate in light

as darkness of winter has passed

so evolves passage of living

both day/night.

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