Yellow archives

Morning watching snowflakes

find a final resting place

imagine faces


Yellow archives found late last night

today’s pick

to share with y’all.

yesterday-today (2)

Caught between beauty, drying ink

ponder how this moment

shall blend in.

Anticipation swirls

unfamiliar dreams awaken

to place art on a canvas fresh

void of blemishes

as yellow comes to life mellow

awaiting a touch of verdant

lodged between dried ink, beauty

where perhaps tonight

they shall meet

become complete…

A quiver from the abyss

A quiver

took me by surprise
when your hand touched mine.
Alarms went off
long set to alert my heart
just in case
a flicker of something else
that deep.
I read your smoke signals
words from the abyss

ones shaped like hearts
suddenly knowing
I was under attack…

a quiver

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