Me. one word insane to believe talks in monotone uses clever words over an invisible phone. Me. in a storm holding hands with nature takes me underground until the storm has passed and with witty eyes blinks, understands Me. Late night playing 4 or 6 strings Me. creating, teaching without words heard in harmony. Insane […]

Ken’s event, Page 8

Another small batch of good times at Ken’s place Thanks 🙂

Beauty I see while loving

Like so many lost souls of socks lost in the dryer of life you move my emotions make my world so sweet. Like a horror movie at midnight you make me jump with fright causing me to run with fear though I know you’re near near enough to whisper got ya! Like a volcano spouting […]


Amore she wanted the stars an occasional rose got dark corners in bars gave her heart freely watched as it got ripped apart. Amore a wish she carried around like a purse but it was filled up by losers a curse. One night when the moon was hidden she seen the light headlights froze in […]