rejected by Hallmark!

rejected by Hallmark!


Roses are red

but not when dead

violets are blue

who gave you a clue.

It’s your birthday

I thought you were hatched

I had no idea

Depends cause you to scratch.

Happy Valentine’s day

you look a mess

when did you stop being

yesterday I guess.

Merry Christmas my dear

how’s prison life treating you

that’s too bad

but I’m still glad.

Happy Anniversary you two

oh, it’s just you now, poor thing

you seem upset that he left

with that sweet young boo.


rejected by Hallmark

Begins.. Ends

Begins with words

straight from a heart

this poem also contains

all that’s left

along with a few tears

of regret.

Begins with words

only love knows

to express

ends with bitterness

pain in chest.

Begins with you, I

seeing eye to eye

then going blind

as everything spins

round and round

only sound

muttered words.

begins ends

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