The Buzz

The Buzz

In a place where dreams

are never disturbed

the buzz is

I wanna go there

sit on a bench, watch

ice cubes melt in sweet southern tea.

Oh, to be a bee


Sitting beneath golden willows

viewing landscape of blue water

a few geese paddling about

leaves little chance to


nature has designs

like poets have rhymes.


Nineteen Sixty-Four History

1964 silvertone

Year, 1964, Sears sold

this beauty made by Danelectro

known as a Silvertone.

Ahead of its time

all you needed was electricity

to learn how to play

create a sound

for around

$50 bucks!



Sounds of nature

softened at end of day

comforts head placed upon

dreamy pillow full of

beauty to awaken to

once sleep approves.

Somewhere intently

sighs are released towards stars

wished upon elegantly

between breaths of

all to be loved.


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