Groping in the dark

groping in the dark

Spontaneous words leap out

in half-ass rhymes

direct from tin can brain

slightly rusted from torment

groping in the dark

and picking a proper antidote

only leads to more half-ass rhymes.

Why does a pen filled with ink

feel claustrophobia

when it is forced to write

about life?

Come a day

come a day

Come a day these old bones

shall be crushed into powder

be spread across mountains & plains

a pinch in the sea

so my spirit lives beyond

all those hopes & dreams

lost along the way.

Said the Robin


Said the Robin
to Bluebird…
I got your back
we’re in this together
let’s enjoy the seeds
of life
sing our creed

Small creation


A small creation

of harmony

still a child at heart

building peace.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

Just around the bend


Just around the bend
perilous, yet exhilarating
such beauty awakens my soul
knowing life is all about adventure
on any given dirt road
where rocks and mud give way
to acceptance, come what may.
This morning, no different
a mystery shall not unfold
no lines shall be drawn, nor erased
to please uncertainty
for this heart of mine,
always inclined
to accept the high road
just around the bend
not once believing it might be
the end..

Time change

time change

Unwritten until fully awake

rehearsed in dreams

where one always thinks hope

shall change time

color each cloud yellowish smile

name each sound of nature

so it is soft to hear like a melody

last heard when a child.

Time change becomes

awkwardly beautiful.

A train


Moving along while

sunflowers, smiling brightly

swaying in a breeze

enjoying the sound of

a coal train

with clouds among blue

such a lovely view.

Often beauty finds a way

to string lights without a tree

giving a heart pleasure

to breathe in a magical display.

Should you listen closely

you’ll possibly hear

a click clack

soothing ears, I suppose

but only when felt

with a heart, exposed…

I can tell

I can tell

Dressed up in cowgirl attire
fancy boots, tight jeans
you ain’t nothing close to real
with just one glance I can tell
you wouldn’t know
the difference between
a stirrup, horn.
You strut your stuff
like it’s a god given gift
but that tan and make-up
didn’t come cheap
nor did those firm breasts.
I’ve seen the way
you beg for attention
then cold halfheartedly
turn them all away
thinking you are a queen
but truth be known
you’re nothing more
than a scene waiting
to be forgotten
soon as the next wannabee appears
so drink your shots and beer
in make-up and don’t forget
the tanning machine tomorrow
and if you believe those breasts
was worth the risk
to make men dream
you need more help
than originally thought
for not all men want a Barbie
or one that needs to be



For the dawn to say,


Good morning, my child”


May the warmth of today


Encourage you to grow


To bloom as beauty should


To brighten others way


To comfort those carrying pain


From yesterdays gray


And may you always know


I’ll see you in the morning”


Come what may.

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