Living things

Weighed down with foolish thoughts I’m suddenly distracted by a squawk a sign my muse has returned to grope my heart as though it’s a toy. With stubborn willpower I grasp the beauty of a flower drowning out spew of words perhaps a ghost is afraid of living things.

No plans for this day

Perhaps I have no plans for this day perhaps I should take in the beauty of flowers tweak them with a little artistic thought or perhaps I’ll scribble a few lines convert them into a song so I can dance for hours. Perhaps I should celebrate breathing a sure sign I’m alive or stretch the truth until it becomes a…

Reading red words

Late last night I woke thought of beauty seen then decided to begin reading red words that were spoke but it seems not many listen anymore. I thought of those who have reserved a suite in hell then I giggled aloud knowing damn well they forgot to ask forgiveness for overlooking flowers. Be blessed before you rest 😉