Someday see

Someday see deep into the sky of a heart that floated by that tried to comfort those in need of a helping hand to sail off into peace a place we all desire to know catch our breath shake off wounds from battles that made us stronger to glow for we all want to be… Continue Reading


Shimmering going down the road a smile comforts touches my soul offers colors magically between trees. Dancing should be in life this simple asking for nothing except to be pleased with little things an occasional stepping on toes a reminder it’s okay to breathe.

Love scene

  She walked on the stage every line so rehearsed excited about the play but then it hit her like tomatoes thrown from an angry audience who knew she wouldn’t stay for the final curtain knowing she had become frightened when the love scene called for more.

Peaceful landing

In such a rush to achieve all we believe is meant to be creates a conflict in our own cosmos when the heart should lead until we land on our very own

Short conversation

Reasons for this follow below it helps my mind to release on the beaten path I trod late at night under the moon giving my heart a break from the closet that holds skeletons along with a few cautionary thoughts that trickle onto paper where they wait to be revised in an attempt to draft… Continue Reading

Darkest of times~In rhymes

Come closer dear nothing to fear my you look pretty tonight what’s that? Oh this? A shovel I carry it with me on full moon nights. I remember the last one she smiled too much hush they are speaking to me you kind of remind me of her except she was quiet. Not sure I… Continue Reading

Down by the river

Down by the river I wore waders that matched her shades to protect us from bullshit as we laid out plans how to save the world. We used rocks and limbs to write messages on the bike trail and laughed when bikers cussed at us. Perhaps the world doesn’t want to be saved choosing instead… Continue Reading