Missing hues

missing hues

Tighten the straps

plug into Marshall

get lost in the blues

missing hues.

Skim through loves

held, tasted

and wasted.

Each star above a reminder

of those who played before

my time arrived

before twilight appeared

not on a sidewalk

a fake ass star.

Yes, tug those straps tighter

jolt my soul

let sounds within be bent

while humming a tune

seeing missing hues


Aspen road

aspen road

On Aspen road

one must listen closely to hear

leaves whisper secrets of moments

of long, long ago.

One must hold hands with nature

with no insecurities to take away

such beauty on a stroll

any chosen Autumn day.

On Aspen road it is well known

many hearts have fell

along with leaves

floating downward

casting a magical spell.

Shall you be blessed to stroll

down Aspen road.

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