Nature in the city

Saturday evening sitting on a bench watching nature swim by with a tender tear in an eye thinking of my muse who has offered whatever my fancy be. I do suppose it’s true she has became entwined around my heart as she swims through my mind lighting my night with desire. Another Saturday evening I […]

Easter hope

Eyes towards sky silent prayer let go into blue. An Easter hope that beauty shall succeed over disease. And to believe after Sunday, kindness painted eggs disappears.


I am going there where hazel is not hazel like my eyes yellow is a bird nesting in my hair of red so I can choose happiness over gloom without an image to alter my choices there. Throughout living been told there does not exist such a freedom cast under a spell but now old […]

just a Frog

I laughed out loud today no longer a prince just a frog but I believe I’m content at least I show signs of regaining my pad with sense for I sure as hell didn’t sink nor am I seeking to be kissed like a fairy tale ending you know the one blah,blah,blah. I admit I’m […]