Author: ignited

Depth bloomed

Depth bloomed between hearts as another bottle of hate shattered late. Witnessed fatigue held each other tight until dawn broke through offering hope to protect depth of hearts blooming overnight.

She wrote then

She wrote then to comfort me now quietly of dreams each one brighter than days before. I believe she wrote showing fragile emotions of steps taken, encounters accepted delicate movements a heart feels when intense pain flairs, clogs a brain yet managed to write without apprehension, choosing to delight using sentences filled with senses.

Where we going?

Where poets meet to write about hopes and dreams stare into night given skies filled with constellations so beautiful they are as the moon offers a cradle to sleep once words have been placed on parched paper knowing they weep


Compass in hand arrows in back trying my best to escape into the setting sun before all land is gone. Progress is fast selling out has become like a chore look closer it’s greed.

Dropping down

Dropping down on knees between rocks, trees nothing but silence my company as the mountain comforts another day of missing you. The smile once knew paths chosen to view barren of beauty my hand empty heart full of memories continuously searching for a clue.

He tips his hat

He tips his hat occasionally not to impress but a matter of courtesy as he grins. Been round many steaks chased off a few snakes rustled up a good life dusted off heartache. He’s swung open many gates kept in mind tomorrow can wait pitched in to help many a friend stuck in mud of life while simply grinning at…

Of, with

Writing of, with passion creates beauty of, with you


Morning has arrived breakfast is served. Today take time to notice those who need fed hope to see a brighter day.