But Hell

As curiosity swirls like a falling leaf

I sit down to consider my beliefs

but Hell, I’m bound to stumble

into a pit of regrets

so I best get to walkin’

stop this foolish scribblin’

perhaps begin to talkin’

like a drunk parrot.

On previous visits to Heaven,

angel food cake was served with eggnog

gold harps had strings extremely bent

cigar smoke was thick as smog

but Hell, I believe eternity should be

a little more lively, say a little more like

a Lynard Skynard concert.

But Hell, this ain’t goin’ anywhere, so

I’ll not bore y’all with silly facts

just leave you a simple tip

don’t sit on a tack

you’ll have a sore rump

but Hell, it’s full of those who

didn’t heed such advice!

burn baby burn

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