I am

A poet, drained

Of emotions, without being tamed

A shadow in halls

Fly on walls

Listening to others hearts

While fighting to

Stomp on bullshit, lies.

A thinker, adrift

On an uncharted sea

Which leaves only my heart

To decide, run or hide.

A blast from the past

Seeker of dreams

Appreciative of kindness

For I believe

Life is null without truth

Yet witness so much

How others are deceived.

A walking heart, without a cane

Limping through life is

For the weak

For it takes strength to deal

More to truly feel.

A word among print

On any given page

A solider laughing on a battlefield

As blood gushes out

Like love in a soul.

A feather

In a pillow, to rest on

When darkness calls

For I have laid upon

My share of pain

But God has his plans

And I am, who

To question when I fall.

I am…

burn baby burn

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