Capturing life

as it flies by

leaves me weak

wishing I could press repeat

questioning what I might have missed

had I turned down

a different street

at a different time

so caught up chasing dreams

that seem to expand

each moment I get closer

to the end.

I believe my mind has gotten comfortable

sitting in an easy chair

I designed

long ago

thinking all the plans are completed

dues paid

stroking colors of beautiful hues

ones that glow in the dark

makes the sun jealous

the moon too.

Capturing an image of life

asking it to stop

just to get a better view

sometimes, impossible

in the rush towards tomorrow

pitching heartaches and sorrow

like hay into a barn

hoping the horses are hungry

as I.

A little confusion gets mixed in

to lighten the load

humor makes an appearance

like a clown in a parade

and yet I ponder

what have I missed

along the way

knowing life is not just living and dying

a pattern stitched

that I wear

so others will see

perhaps capture

an image,


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