After care full cuncideraration, I have desided to rehigher you to be my edator.

After manny ours of contimplating im now reddy too publich my how to booke.

After yeers of lissteening to otheers wantening to no how to, I am verry qualitivied too give adfice on manny subgents.

With youre expertize it wille be a needed mape to live.

ive alsoo added a photoo to used on booke cover.

seeing howe i injoy arte, it ise only fittinng.

I hop its knot too troubsome to coorrect any speelling or grammmer.

Tittle is gonna be HOW TO by Ignited, a simpple way to puut a flame under thoose who neeed help.

Let me know sooon ass possible when itss ready to be publisshed.

Tank you verry much Irene. Sencirely, Gene

burn baby burn

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