let true beauty be

Let true beauty be

a reason to live

without compromise

stop,take a look

so once the final chapter

of life lived book

holds memories

of simple moments

before the sands of time

run out.

Take yesterday

for what it was

give today a chance

to be

all worth knowing

bow your head

say a prayer

hold on to what is needed

not wanted

for all the wants disappear

after a quick glance.

Be like a flower

wild or nurtured from seed

cherish what is now

read your heart

not what is cluttered within

a temporary mind

one that changes

like seasons

without reasons.

Look at the stars

let true beauty be

all that touches a soul

for all else is useless

in the long run

because unless you know

wants from needs

do not plant a seed

just to watch it grow

and die.

burn baby burn

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