1941 Crosley Convertible

A little dinky car, created by industrial entrepreneur Powel Crosley Jr., who at the time was the owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball organization.

By 1939, industrialist Powel Crosley, Jr. had already made a fortune as a radio and appliance manufacturer. He also had a passion for cars, and believed that America was ready for a small economy car. With the assistance of his younger brother Lewis, he incorporated Crosley Motors and began assembling his tiny, no-frills cars in Richmond, Indiana. A second factory in Marion, Indiana soon followed.

Crosley Motors built about 5000 cars by 1942, when the government halted civilian production for the duration of World War II. There were just two Crosley models for 1939: a two-passenger convertible coupe and a four-passenger convertible sedan.

Crosley Motors, Inc. resumed production in 1946. A new, larger CC model featured a body designed by Sundberg and Ferar, a company who designed products such as home appliances, automotive and medical products, industrial equipment, vending machines and others.

Original price in 1941..$299

Here’s an example of one I seen at a car show several years ago. They are highly collectible today. Thank you for your interest and reading. Enjoy your day 🙂

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