Long stretch of highway

Her earrings lightly chimed

as we traveled down a

long stretch of highway

south of Omaha

while the blues blared through

speakers from a distant radio station

Memphis, I believe

our destination this time.

On these long trips we discussed Dali,

Longfellow and Johnnie Taylor,

how the blues and art and poetry

entertain so many folks

growing up and much later

when life offers a chance to

comprehend stages of change.

While she would drive I

would scribble about passing sights

see an old house in a vacant field

imagine who might have lived there

the hardships and joys shared

could make an awesome song.

As her earrings chimed in the wind

we were a mystery novel being written

a mile at a time

rehearsing our moments

before we reach the city limits of Memphis

broke but with rhymes

traveling down a long stretch of highway.

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