No telling

Her eyes lit up like

dusted off patent leather shoes

when I began to play

the blues.

In conversation earlier

she revealed her heartbreaks

disappointments, said

the blues soothe her soul

rejuvenate her spirit from being dead.

As my fingers lightly caressed

six delicate strings again

I imagined touching her skin

then suddenly realized

she had become my muse.

Uninterrupted I pondered

how situations become contentment

like secrets never revealed

my heart continued to flutter still

embracing each moment.

As I adjusted my cheap sunglasses

I noticed a tear slowly

stream down her left cheek

knowing it was nearest her heart

which had been ravaged years ago.

Again her eyes lit up

like a puppy getting a new toy

as I fought emotions swelling

wondering where this might be heading

I guess, with a muse, no telling.

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