Searching for a scary night

It’s almost time to search

for a scary night

so I’ve been frequenting dark bars

back rows in church

for you never know where one

may lurk.

As luck would have it I met

underneath a Blue Moon neon sign

the type I’m thirsty for

to make it through another Halloween

without being seen.

I quickly noticed her cheap plastic purse

paid for breasts

gave myself a little rest

before approaching and asking her

you come here more than often?

She replied, of course, more than you

or I’d had already known your name

and I told her, they call me insane.

We quickly bought each other a shot

to help numb the eyeball pain

she was definitely a typical plain Jane

I was dressed to kill.

I did take a second look

which scared me more than before

but hey, I’m just searching for a scary night

thought to myself she’ll do just right

even with a tattoo of Trump below her left eye.

After a dozen shots and lies

we made a date to meet on Halloween

take care of one another in the dark

beneath a willow tree in the park

and make promises to never keep

or remember names.

burn baby burn

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