Letter to Irene, my ex editor

You sure took youre time respondding to my letter fore help back inn 2018 JUly 11they.

Aftea manny a long nite Ive decided to nform you of my decesion to letyou go. I’m on my third pot of cofee an tryin to tell you of ablot whats happened and how my writting has improfed drascratley. Iseldomn make mistake s anymory and my poetry rynimes much beeter to. Loooks like I didnt need youre hekp afteral. And ive discoveered picturs are nice in blak and wite. Thionkin ill use sum in a porety booke. Anyhoots mytime is limitted now due to deedlines and proir comminntments. So this letter shal be short and swet. And my woerdpress sity is on fire!! Got 5 follers now. Goodby Irene.. Sinserely, Gene

dangnabit: I almoste forget to tell you Im writinnng my autoboigraphy and 2 publiushers are itchin towork with me. Said theyd formate it like a hugee comicbook. Not a cookebok; which Im thinkin about makin one of them to. So manye things can be cookked differently. So im on my way to get some royallitys soon. And as youe can told Idon’te need a editior any more. Gooe lucke Irene.

Oh rememmber that tyme we were skyping and you hade youre hair up in rolleers and dentale flossy hanging out of youre mouth. I took a picture of that and use it as a backdrop for my darte bored. Oh: i saw the moon the othere nite and almost took a snap shot of it so i could moon ya! Wale, enough umor; I gotta get back to more seroius projections. Dont foreget to be you Irene. Disspectable! Gene

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