Life became sweet in 1900

Loveland built a sugar factory

beets became a commodity

worth more than gold.

Imagine life back then

no indoor plumbing, no phone, no car

America was the world’s largest agricultural producer

The Wright Brothers would take to the sky in 1903

Leo Baekeland invented plastic 1905

Mary Phelps Jacob invented the bra 1913

Gidoen Sundback invented the zipper *patented 1913

* Whitcomb Judson invented the zipper in 1876 *

Air conditioning became into existence in 1902

Radio broadcasting arrived in 1906

Electric washing machine 1907.

Imagine life back when

life was sweet

doors were unlocked, safe was the streets

folks helped each other out

my how things have changed, no doubt.

I took this picture on May 8th, 2013 in Loveland, Colorado

burn baby burn

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