Squeak squeak

At first I thought it strange

noises coming from the kitchen

knowing you should be sound asleep

and so I blew it off until

same sound echoed down the hall

and then I sat up wondering.

Slowly I removed myself from bed

tiptoed down the hall to look and see

and there you were, dancing

barefoot on the tiles, squeak -squeak.

I smiled a smile that speaks

a thousand thoughts instantly

taking in the beauty of each swirl

that only a father gets to see.

You may never know my little girl

how much love you gave me that night

but magic was in the air along with

a memory that burns true and bright.

Then you became like a kaleidoscope

that changed before my very eyes

but squeaky bare feet shall always be

the daughter I love continually.

I miss you so much..

burn baby burn

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