Imagine God
at the drive-up window
third in line.
Despite the long wait
he managed his patience
and restrained himself from
simply erasing anyone.
Not yet, anyway!

God was hungry that night
kept his cool waiting
and considering the provocative
information which God always
had as a privilege
in this case, it was not needed

He noticed a display case of
human weakness
the order taker
lost in thoughts of sin
the car ahead of him
blaring curse words, his name
how he thought of playing
a game.

God was amused with his
possibilities and decided
it was time for a case of
spontaneous combustion.
Cracking his knuckles
he smiled, reached into
his metaphorical glovebox.

Suddenly,the car behind him
began honking the horn
and the employees became

He heard the driver of
the Toyota in line
tell his friend that
the asshole in front of them
should be shot
for having a bumper sticker
that said, ”God is my co-pilot”.

God created a frightful mess
drinks were spilled
french fries dropped
and the guy who condemned
the bumper sticker
well, he got a flat tire
while waiting behind God.

Then God smiled,
inserted Brooks&Dunn,
listened to ” I believe”
and as it began to play
he took a deep breath
put on his Elton John shades
he got off Ebay
and prepared to loose
his wrath.

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