Sandpaper Face

Sandpaper face
pen in hand
eyes barely open
I ramble again.

At times I dance
on the barrier
that separates me
from insanity
trying not to fall
crack open my head
filled with moments
begging to be pasted
upon this page
while withstanding the urge
to get wasted.

I think about those
who love with
limited capacity
ones who kiss
uncertain how to be.

What can I say that will
ease misery
give the dice of life
a roll for a friend
place a smile of hope
on a stranger’s face
in need of a new beginning
magically removed from
regrets and lost dignity.

I have visions
of how often
love is played
like a guitar
out of tune
yet played to hearts
that listen for awhile
then realize
they should have looked
behind the shades
so in search of

Complicated, Liberated
they meet in darkness
hold secret conversations
in an alley named Destiny.

burn baby burn

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