Last walk

This is an effort to describe

becoming one

I once thought/believed

two was a magic number

the number dreams are circled around

now, one is silence and despair

with flashes between nightmares

heated exchanges in my head

questions burning like heartburn

a form of displacement returns

never knowing which one might strike

or what system will work

So I begin my last walk

to unravel to relate

what stands before me

you may kindly call it fate

I call it escape

voices and demons never sleep

you don’t know me and that’s all good

it’s best you don’t for your sake

that’s my kindness trying to shine

compassionate response not required

with scribbled lines I shared somewhat

the inner structure of myself

some were accepted, some rejected

but I gave what I had to give

uncertain yet proud I wrote

now, with mere words I hug you tight

from a distance while in the light

exit right

burn baby burn

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