Be my guests


been expecting you

matters not that you are late

be my guests

I’ll share another quest.

I was searching for words

you know,the correct ones

ones that stimulate

make you wonder where I was at

when I wrote them

deep in my mind or out of touch

does it really matter much?

You should accept the thought I shared

be them words of cleverness or of a fool

I don’t use a secret tool

be my guest,discover,be amused.

Sometimes I share my guts

on a silver platter unpolished

you want a red carpet that goes to hell

stick around I’m working on that one

flames will surround you soon enough

be my guest,I have more to tell.

I brief myself from time to time

of coming events and problematic life

the treats are sweet, keep feeding me

I’ll sugarcoat if that’s required

but forgive if I forget to fall from the wire.

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