Little color- Little gray

Little color, little gray

that’s where I am today

fighting a little this, little that

waiting, just waiting

for the demons to attack

the wind to stir, blow my dream away.

Reaching for my crayons again

they always seem to erase the gray

then I discover that’s all I have

the color gray

yet I do not give up in haste

I continue

searching for the perfect hue

knowing that’s what I want to do.

I glance over at my shell

knowing I can hide inside, escape this hell

but then it hits me suddenly

that’s a hell too

so what to do, what to do.

Little color, little gray

the color of you splashed all over me

the color of your love trying to lift me

and when I can’t see that far, when I can’t hear

deep in thought, missing you

my little color, little gray


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