Hello from Colorful Colorado :)

The spectacular Longs Peak (14,255-ft.), Mount Meeker (13,911 ft.) glacial mountain cirque, has inspired hundreds of thousands of mountaineers all over the world. Mount Meeker is actually just a continuation of Longs enormous east face. In between, the Ships Prow (13,340-ft.) separates the two mighty peaks. Most believe Longs to be the undisputed monarch of all Colorado 14,000-ft. mountains, and there are those who believe Mount Meeker to be the king of Colorado’s high centennial (13,800+ ft.) peaks. Combining the two offers a myriad of climbing possibilities, but Meeker alone has challenged many world-class climbers.

Mount Meeker rests .75 mile southeast of Longs Peak, and is the second highest peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Meeker has long west, south and east ridges that extend out from its tiny, exposed, pinpoint summit. These long, sweeping ridges consist mostly of large talus, and slabby cliffs, which make for mostly class 2 hiking until you reach a skinny summit ridge. There is a catch, if you keep the route mostly class 2 from one of these sweeping ridges, you have to deal with much more elevation gain (up to 5,671 ft.), plus the exposed section of the summit ridge is longer. In addition, good weather is a must, for you will be exposed to the elements on these high ridges for most of your day. In contrast to these sweeping ridges, Meeker has a huge, imposing, concave north face. The enormity of this steep face is apparent when viewing the standard Loft Route from Chasm Meadows

Driving towards Lyons, Colorado on Hwy. 36 towards Lyons, Colorado you’ll discover many beautiful scenes. Among those is the view of Mt. Meeker from Lily Lake. I have had the pleasure of viewing this wonderful area in spring and winter. Photo attached is from February, 2019. Lake is frozen over with fresh snow. I also have the luxury of viewing Mt. Meeker’s snow-capped peak from my balcony in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Leading south out of the Estes Park valley, a portion of the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway (aka Colorado Highway 7) crests at charming Lily Lake and offers tremendous views of Mount Meeker, Longs Peak and Twin Sisters. You’ll pass the stone building of Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel, circa 1935. Locals also refer to it as St. Malo Church or Chapel on the Rock. The road borders Rocky Mountain National Park, past its Wild Basin Entrance and through Allenspark, where Highway 7 cuts east. Although the route veers off the Peak to Peak, eventually connecting with Highway 36 in Lyons, it shows the diverse scenery of the area-from massive rock walls and delicate sandstone spires to bubbling rivers and mountain meadows dotted with elk or deer-before dropping into mountain-fringed Estes Park.

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