Death of the Alphabet

Death of the alphabet

26 Cadillac’s

waiting on the street

to carry away

letters of the alphabet

now deceased

from trying to say

what mattered most

but in the end

came up short

and now as careers

shed tears

fighting the urge to write

about the years

each one served a purpose

but understanding

we all have to go sometime

in life, love and rhyme..

Inside the poets

filed by the coffins

to pay respect to letters

often overused

plainly abused

and penned with confusion

to reach the masses

shine in the light.

Someone said

life will never be the same

we will all be lost

without letters to convey

how love comes and goes

how the summer breeze

releases the soul

how life is beautiful

full of strife

and no more will we read

about how mysteries

our invention

are solved to some degree.

26 letters

laid to rest

no longer to be shared

to describe

mountains, rivers and oceans

myths and far-off lands

once penned with hands

that believed each letter

formed into words

would somehow change

our enemies

and freedom would ring

loud and clear.

burn baby burn

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