Pedaling through

Other day in Old Town

We sat at different tables

Politely exchanged


Before long, like ten minutes long

We moved closer to discuss

What prompts hearts

To disagree.

Then we allowed our thoughts

To drift to paper with pens

Realized we were pedaling through

Life, to some degree.

She wrote…

I’m a little sassy

After marriage lasted almost 3

Long years

Most filled with drama

Told him I was no queen.

I’m conservative, country raised

Yes, I admit I do

Not shave.

I’m looking for simple

Someone who appreciates my dimples

Without being preached at about


I wrote…

I’m a lot to handle

But controllable

Been through enough life to know

Just how butter is churned

When to go fishing

To use a wedge in sand

But most importantly able to

Listen, try to understand.

I’m not into politics

Religion or fancy smelling perfume

Both which make me vacant a room

Tugging on my beard.

I believe the word worth is

A silly notion that should be


For that’s a command

Not a request.

We concluded pedaling through life

With laughter & smiles.

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  1. December 19, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    😊 🌷

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