I’ll write about

I’ll write about the odor of

an afternoon spent lying beneath

willow skirts near a pond

while in thoughts of this day

as it softly moves through my mind.

I’ll leave my bow and arrow behind

take a break from trying to find

a gentle soul to snuggle with mine.

I’ll write about the journey back

once I get to where I’m going

but that may be a while seeing how

a place has not been decided as yet.

Breathing has become teamwork

dreaming too when night returns

bringing stars that twinkle around

conversations of day that passed.

I’ll write about those silly notions

where walking on the moon

really happened way back when

and ponder why it hasn’t happened

in Palm Beach since.

I’ll write about the use of

broad strokes to paint whispers

and snap a picture of hearts falling

into a glass of bubbling champagne

as though two lovers are celebrating

existing as one on a riverbank.

Yes, I’ll write.  More.. Next time..

I'll write about





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