To the moon, no

When I first sat in a church, I squirmed and gave the preacher fits. Later in life, sober, I listened to words written by man. Lately I wonder how much money has been made using the words of God and who got it. And throughout life I’ve questioned many things.

To the moon, no…

Rocketship fueled and ready to go

gleam in my eyes, my own

time has come.

Delays have come and gone

potholes have been patched

speedbumps shaved down

tears been wiped, to do list

wiped clean.

To the moon, no

but out there among the stars

not where the fake ones live

those Hollywood freaks and geeks

instead where Mercury and Pluto

are watched over by Capella

a real star.

I’m making this writing long

and make no sense in hopes

the reader shall try to understand

what is really being said.

Happy Friday 🙂


burn baby burn

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