whoa dammit

whoa dammit - Copy

Another morning, mark it Sunday

whoa dammit!!

what happened to Saturday

Friday night?

Seems was just September

cool breeze flowing through

old Pontiac convert and listening

to songs that had words not grunts

lots of beer in the trunk.

Excuse me for saying hello again

but you may have not heard before

it’s rather obvious weather is about to change

see, Mother Earth has her moods too.

Sunday, which leaves the sky open to invite

blues and birds and butterflies

and to tell grayness not to appear

so they can be used in a later story

about a bare tree that’s beautiful.

Whoa dammit!! I’m not done yet

so don’t press the like button so quick..


I once watched a painter paint

a poet write

a singer cry

an innocent child die

all while living life

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