Best sit down before

bad news breaks you

see, that love of yours

been cheating, so true

using a pack of lies each day

to cover his tracks

to his lover, 2 children by her

and making you work 2 jobs

to carry your weight

and said you should lose

at least 30 pounds.

You dress in sexy attire each night

attempting to catch his eye

but cry yourself to sleep

when he doesn’t even come home

and you think he’s working

overtime to make it right

in a whiteout.

Those words spoke late

when he comes home

was rehearsed like a song

and you swayed to each one.

He got you to thinking

about your worth

drove you down to the clinic

to take care of

what he suspects you got

in a Wal-Mart bathroom

and you foolishly believed

again, another whiteout.

He was giving all his self

or got stranded in a whiteout.

Best sit down before

this ends…

white out - wid-wp

burn baby burn

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