Love in the morning

Love in the morning…

It is a blessing unknown by some

but for those who share

years together and breath

before life removes the gentle kiss

accustomed to each morning with death.

Sunshine attempts to peek into windows

now darkened with curtains and blinds

like camouflage

while the teapot whistles in the air

whining for attention or loving care

life is unbalanced on such mornings

silently sitting

staring at an empty chair.

Gone are morning talks of years ago

discussing how changes have come and gone

yet return with energized flair

with each appearance of a gray hair.

Love in the morning, hugs at noon

a beautiful goodnight kiss

now silently removed from view

but held quietly in heart as new.

This is what love creates

like a flower that blooms over many years…

love in the morning

burn baby burn

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