I miss you Peace


I once owned a panel truck

that reeked

of sea salt and pot

with notches on the steering wheel

of nights spent with

funny, now I forgot.

I was a rebel before Canon

a painter of light

used my tongue just right

caused many a girl to thank God

before they made Dannon.

I had a drugstore on wheels

sold journeys beyond dreams

gave peace a chance

at least she said that was her name

at the drive-in one night.

I began writing rhymes

about the same time

Bill was building the internet

and he must have known

this crap would soon arrive

on Word Press.

I remember the 3 proms

but not the dances

didn’t know I had to be indoors

to get lucky on the floor.

No one is going to believe this crap

but I don’t have a feather in my hat

so it’s all up to you

to chuckle, to believe.

I miss you, Peace

ford panel

Come end of May I’ll no longer post here.

If you are inclined to follow/read

let me know, and I’ll send an invite.

I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank all that have really read and taken pleasure in viewing my photos.

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