Used cars for sale

used cars 4 sale

Long days ago Carl

sold used cars to survive

to support his mother

4 adopted sisters from

a Satan cult.

As a child he had wished

to be a success

little did he know

some wishes actually come true

but it takes time

a mother who drove him insane.

Now Carl passes time

writing slowly single lines

just nothing fancy like you know who

so as not to be recognized

nor beg for monetary handouts

leaves that to those who believe

they really got something to say.

As nights passed in darkness

occasional stars

Carl wrote his heart out

discovered it felt right

to give away his cars

along with his mostly depressing


He fell about 6 years ago

off a rusty tin roof

lost consciousness for 2 months

came out of that episode

determined to join

a Satan cult

just to learn how to play

the blues

travel round in his beat up

Rambler wagon

support his mother

4 adopted sisters

be the change others wanna be.

burn baby burn

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