Dear Lord

dear lord

Dear Lord

when you come back

hope I’m enjoying a big mac

and I get a chance to explain

I was just on my way to church

to confess all my sins

but since you’re here

across the table from me

I have a few questions for you

Like why did you take away

two treasures from my life

and why didn’t you alter

the outcome?

Like you gonna do the two

thing again

who you gonna leave behind

to start over again

surely you’ll have tough choices

seeing how most priests

preachers and mormons have

sinned, abused, been perverts

to the masses who came to

worship and praise your name

And once you remove all

the child abusers

and molesters

not many left to chose from

to carry on your word

So I have a request

could you please take me now

for I’ve heard enough bullshit

seen greed clutch mankind

witnessed politicians lie

witnessed police brutality

seen thieves steal

to fill their needles

So Lord, I’m ready to go

and could you lean heavy

on those Baptist’s down south

that denied me to worship you

cause I wasn’t dressed properly

for I believe they should burn

before it’s my turn.

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burn baby burn

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