Awaiting sunset

awaiting sunset

We sat on a bench

awaiting sunset

listening to the ocean crash

against the rocks

sipping pink lemonade

from glasses we bought at a thrift store

two years ago


the feathers flew

and we knew

in our blind flight

love tarred us together


I sat listening to your eyes


basking in the warmth of your smile

watching your lips part

as my heart

did everything but scream

I love you!

You stole a kiss like a thief


causing my blood pressure to rise

for a long moment

long enough for the sun to sink

another degree.

We sat and talked about shortcuts

to the moon

where I would chisel us

on the surface to last for eternity

in a lunar rock.

Then we discussed the possibilities

ย dimensions needed

to keep us close

in flame pajamas

while riding a shooting star


Baby, you can drive my car!.

All this

while awaiting sunset.

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