Redith Jewell

Redith Jewell

My Aunt Redith was a Jewell

a beauty ahead of her time

always had a kind word

on any given day.

She married into Texaco oil

moved to Florida

to enjoy sunshine state

with her loving mate.

She birthed 3 children

two sons, a daughter

lost one son to cancer

while in the Navy.

2 grand children, one wiener dog

kept her on her toes

plus an ugly divorce ensued but

she married again, this time

into auto parts distribution

birthed a girl.

All along she maintained

a position at a local bank

pinched pennies so hard

everyone knew her wealth

hidden behind her smirk

occasional smile.

Yes, she was different in ways

years would catch up to

still she remained true

to herself, the few who

knew her heart of gold.

Redith Jewell

on any given day

lived life

taught me to appreciate

little things.

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