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An excerpt

An excerpt…
I was pedaling my ass on the bike trail, just enjoying the scenery, the scent of nature and horse shit when suddenly I noticed with my gooder eye (the one without a patch, temporarily) a woman. Now this may come as a surprise to some (or one), but honesty is best, as she watched with eyes open as I undressed my wound. (where was your mind?) I had an accident not long ago and I needed to change the bandage in public view. I noticed how her breathing increased as I pulled my shirt up, showing my one pack. (a six pack is just too much to carry on a bike). Then I noticed her blushing. By mistake, I had revealed my Batman underwear waistband. I quickly pulled up my pants, my eyes asking forgiveness and swiftly pulled my shirt down. Got on my mountain bike and continued pedaling my ass, curious had I just encountered what is known as life. A little more distance away from that extreme encounter I paused to write a poem. I do that quite often when out on the trail.
Musty Love
I’ve been passed around
by too many women
my suit no longer white
too many hand prints
of lust
water can never wash away
and the percentage of lies
stitched in the mind
drown any thoughts of
it must have been love.
Once back to my house, this
 I remembered a poem, 1994
This Road
 this journey
wide enough for one
for if I squeezed
another in
I must watch them
fall away.
So with weary feet
bruised heart
I arrive at
no destination.
I could drag myself
through this overrated
violated journey
that I live for
or sit down and let go.
I no longer feel
trust or know happiness
my mind, cold and alone
shutting down
for I am not Atlas
cannot hold up the sky
I can barely hold
up my head.
I’m like a tin can
crushed under the weight
of expectations
mine, and others
my soul is unconnected
this road, this journey
draining the man
I once used to be.
That’s it…
Until next time, be kind

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