Beauty I see while loving

beauty i see

Like so many lost souls
of socks
lost in the dryer of life
you move my emotions
make my world so sweet.

Like a horror movie
at midnight
you make me jump
with fright
causing me to run with fear
though I know you’re near
near enough to whisper
got ya!

Like a volcano
spouting out lava
blistering hot
you make me want to feel it
so bad
when close is not close enough
and my heart too weak
to speak.

When I’m center stage
ready to recite my lines
you break into my mind
and suddenly
you move me like the wind
moves leaves, so subtle.

When a song comes on
the radio
you know I can’t help but
sing along
to you in my heart
where you reside aglow.

When afraid of what’s next
you assure me softly
like a feather duster
causing goosebumps
that seem to last long after
the moment has passed.

With no explanation, rhyme
or reason
the rhythm of you lifts me high
and my madness
my thoughts of times
drift off into thin air.

When my love for you
springs out of my cage
it is then
I find
a smile.

13 thoughts on “Beauty I see while loving

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    1. These are classified as American White Pelicans. That weird thing on their bills is a mating sign and they shed once mating season ends. They are found in shallow waterways, small ponds and migrate to coastal areas during winter. I have yet to capture one with wingspan open. Nine feet wide! Seen but not captured. Thank you for reading my thoughts. 🌻👋

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      1. Yes, Brown ones are common on the coast. These migrate south, most times in warmer climates. Truly amazing to see one flying or landing. This picture is a small pond at CSU Veterinarian hospital, two blocks down street.

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