Chaos after the rock

chaos after the rock

Chaos after the rock

swimming in the reservoir


this is it.

I notice with slight attention

having heard this before

question just what to hell

is it this time.

Suddenly trees bend

but do not break

as though they know

the story has no ending

and get bored.

A hiss from the wind

sends shivers up my spine

guessing time has come

to run or pray

but the good Lord ain’t listening

not with all this going on

instead deciding to watch

keep track how many times his name

is spoken in vain

since he moved the rock.


chasing down


uncertain of which door

will set them free

from pending eternity

the one they fear is near

but then it happens

fall has arrived

gone are the sunny warm days

now they must stay

beyond the rock

with mere hope.

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