Mechanical girl

Mechanical girl

runs silent among her fears

throws caution a kiss

jumps into a stream

running swifter than she

releases her tears

lets out a muffled scream

no one could ever hear.

She wants to drown

skyrocket off her knees

find her afterlife

brighter than now

cause hope has been placed inside a capsule

without a trace of finding

a key

the key that he wore around his neck


you are mine ’til end of time.

She remembers how

his mouth would swim


to her desires

clutch her emotions like a child

take her breath

then make her beg

to please


Now she prays

watching her soul dissolve

into darkness without a sound

smiling inside

happily greeting portentous death

views it as a sacrifice

for her foolish trust.


is longer than rust

shorter than


of broken romance

without oil to lube

mechanical girl.

mechanical girl

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