To have has become

To have has become

an obsession.

I witness distant light

of planets so faraway

and stars that twinkle

more than greedy eyes

and wonder

how much is enough

to fill the cup of desire.

I see and hear about perfection

but those who pursue

that stature at any cost

will never bloom as beautiful

as a rose

come early spring

when real beauty awakens

without pay.

I overheard the other day

we no longer fear

burning in hell

too busy hiding dollars

from the tax man

while laughing at those living

in poverty

and so I say

to have has become an


that over time will fade

into oblivion

the dreaded grave

that all the money and power

will not set free

nor make beauty worthwhile.

to have has become

Greedy Goat


  1. ellie894 says:

    the first roses of spring are always so welcome. 🌷
    Greedy goat makes me giggle 🤭

    Liked by 1 person

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